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Webinjects - RAT - Android Banking Trojans
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What is CSD for Web & Android?

CSD for Web performs detection against Web based banking malware attacks such as Webinjects and Remote Access Trojan (RAT) sessions.

CSD for Android is a security library that integrates into a native Android app and performs detection of rogue apps and Android Overlay Attacks such as Bankbot, Marcher, Mazar and Slempo Android banking malware families.

Proactive and adaptive fraud detection

CSD has been created with proactive analysis and adaptability of ever changing banking malware attacks in mind. After many years of experience as malware consultants within anti-cybercrime teams of financial institutions we have learned that adaptability of detection approaches is the strongest weapon against everyday malware changes. In addition, CSD’s core detection engine relies on a proactive fraud detection approach without the need of updating blacklist signatures.


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Collaboration with ABN AMRO Bank

CSD been created in collaboration with designers, developers, and fraud experts of ABN AMRO Bank N.V. and has been successfully deployed in their online banking environment and fraud control engines for several years.


"ABN AMRO Bank was able, thanks to development partner Securify, to get a reliable score on the chance that a transaction could be originated by criminals using malware. By using this score together with customer/transaction profiling, the bank remains in control on the majority of fraudulent transactions."


Securify B.V.

We are a passionate team of application security specialists and malware experts that helps organizations to secure their web and mobile applications, from design to go-live.

We go beyond security pentesting alone. For our financial clients we are their trusted partner in malware analysis and in good collaboration improve and build fraud detection software for their large online financial landscape.


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